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EMS Video Wall Controllers

& Backplanes

Multi inputs, Multiple outputs 4K support

XtremeIPC - Series of Wall Controllers

HD or 4K Video Wall Controller up to 48 screens

Multiple inputs HDMI, SDI, IP, DVI/VGA, Composite etc ..

Stand Alone 4K Controller

Multi Inputs, HDMI (4K), DP, SDI, VGA, Component, Composite etc ..

USB Capture Plus Range



USB 3.0 Capture Range


Support Windows, Linux, macOS and Chrome OS


Advanced Video Wall Controller's & Video Capture Technology

Wall controllers - XtremeIPC Systems

EMS supply video wall controller systems in a large variety of sizes and specifications.

The EMS VSN controllers are capable of integrating any type of video and data sources, including video over IP, on any display configuration. EMS offers complete solutions, subsystems and components for any wall controller needs. Commonly used in Command and Control scenarios, such as security operation, traffic management, process control and utility operations, the VSN range offers consistent reliability and performance.

Video Capture Cards

EMS's Xtreme range of capture cards support a variety of video modes including HDMI, DisplayPort, Single or dual-link DVI, 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, RGB, Component YPbPr, Composite video and S-Video

Whether you are looking for a video capture solution for streaming, recording or presentation applications we'll have a solution to suit your needs. With requirements for high quality capture cards continuously increasing, EMS is responding by offering new improved, innovative products at regular intervals.

Stand-Alone Video Wall Controllers

Build dynamic video walls, small or large, with the EMS Xtreme4Fx

The EMS Xtreme4fx display controller is available as HDMI, DisplayPort or an SDI input and can flexibly display this across four outputs. For larger video wall installations, multiple 4Fx’s can be linked via the dedicated loop-through output. Easily configure complex video wall designs using EMS’s intuitive Wall Designer Software. Ideal for all digital signage applications the 4Fx can be found behind many retail signage installations.

Versatile Imaging Solutions...


Solutions for Video Wall Controllers & Video Capture, Record, Streaming & Broadcast.

EMS provide flexible solutions for applications including video wall controller's either custom or standalone units from 2-3 screens to 48 with 4K output resolution. Our video wall controllers are used in variety of different areas such as traffic control centres, telecom operations facilities, utility companies, security applications ...
Video capture cards for live streaming, broadcast production, video conferencing, lecture capture, medical imaging, security, machine vision, gaming, virtual reality production and many more. A provider of a wide range of PCIe video capture cards that are designed to capture images from a number of sources such as 4K ultra HD, HDMI, Single & Dual Link DVI, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, VGA, Composite, Component, and S-video. Our USB 3.0 range allows you to take images from your laptop, notebooks, and any other device with a USB 3.0 interface. It can capture images from 4k ultra HD, HDMI, DVI-I, SDI, VGA, and Composite PAL/NTSC. With these video grabbers, you can capture and record simulator screens, product presentations, and various other visual data, from then you can stream or display. A seamless application for your display imaging, broadcasting and streaming solutions.

Flexible Solutions

The requirements for high quality capture cards are continuously increasing, we acknowledges the demanding market by offerring the latest new & improved, innovative products for the critical and demanding application. Should you have a project in mind please contact us for support / sales assistance.

Same Day Dispatch

We understand you may require your order as soon as possible hence orders placed before 2pm between Monday and Friday will usually dispatched the same day. Our shipping charge for the UK is flat rate, international shipments are via FedEx or DHL.

Help When You Need It

Our Sales & Support is here to assist in any such difficulties you may encounter. Feel free to contact us with your application requirements and we shall do our best to solve and or advise you appropriately.